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2 Bed 2 Bath Engineered Adobe House Plans - 1100sf SantaFe

2 Bed 2 Bath Engineered Adobe House Plans - 1100sf SantaFe

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This set of plans is for a 800sf two bed, two bath SantaFe style adobe house. The layout features vaulted cielings, a covered patio with a cob fireplace, a rooftop patio, and 300sf attached accessory unit for a garage, storage, workshop or whatever other use you might dream up.


With architectural, truss, foundation, plumbing, and electrical plans included, these house plans are perfect for those looking to build a cozy and beautiful home.

These plans were created as the current flagship building of the Institute of Earth Technology, designed such that they can be easily altered to create a complex of interconnected structures to serve as a campus – including classrooms, communal kitchens, sleeping quarters, and outdoor areas for the enjoyment of our community and the natural world.  

SKU: 21132-adobe-bp-1100sf-santafe
  • Cover Sheet: Shows the front elevation and typical notes and requirements.
  • Truss Plans: Engineered truss plans, designed in accordance with 2018 IRC sections R502.11.1 and R802.10.2
  • Roof Framing Plan: Measurements, shape, design, and placement of all the materials, drainage, ventilation, and slopes.
  • Footing and Foundation Plan (Slab on Grade): Shows the size, position, and design of the footings and foundations necessary to support the building's structure.
  • Exterior Elevations: Shows the front, rear and sides of the home including exterior materials, details and measurements.
  • Floor Plans: Shows the placement of walls and the dimensions for rooms, doors, windows, stairways, etc. 
  • Electrical Plans: Shows the location of wiring, outlets, fixtures and switches.
  • Typical wall section: Necessary for building permit approval.

Meet the Future of Adobe:

While any standard adobe may be suitable for building this structure, these plans were created as the premiere project for FutureAdobe's Reusable Building Supply (RBS), an adobe brick that is composed primarily of waste material, which can be returned to the earth or recycled to create new bricks. The RBS is a water-resistant load-bearing adobe that withstands incredible compressive force, making it suitable for DIY projects, remodels, accessory buildings, and even fully engineered homes with a certificate of occupancy.


Join us for our next workshop and learn how to make your own FutureAdobe RBS bricks. You'll gain a practical understanding of adobe brick making that can be applied across the globe. Why buy adobes for $4 per brick when you can make them yourself for a fraction of that! Plus, you'll walk away with a recipe for a home that will outlast you and your grandchildren.

Learn To Build!

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